Power Generation

Vanadium is the most common contaminant in the fuels used in the power generation industry. The vanadium contained in these fuels will eventually precipitate out of the process and attack the components of the turbines, boilers and diesel engines used in these processes. With decades of use in the field, Liquid Minerals Group LTD. has a proven track record of delivering the highest quality magnesium-based fuel additives that protect your gas turbines, boilers and diesel engines.

Available in both sulfonate and carboxylate chemistries, oil soluble magnesium additives from Liquid Minerals Group LTD. are much more effective and convenient to use than their alternatives. Our products are delivered to the customer ready to use. Our magnesium additives are manufactured to reduce particle size and increase reactive surface area, allowing for maximum effectiveness when combating both vanadic and sulfur related corrosion.