With tens of thousands of commercial ships on the waters, the marine industry is a large market with many facets. The ever-changing regulations put out by the International Maritime Organization to limit the incidence of sulfur emissions in control areas places a heavy burden on vessel operators. They must run fuels with decreased sulfur concentrations, but this tradeoff comes at a cost of lost lubricity. Liquid Minerals Group LTD.’s fuel additives formulated specifically for the marine industry provide an answer to the loss of lubricity and help to reduce and eliminate other issues that fleet operators face.

Just as in the Power Generation industry, the Marine industry faces corrosion from contaminated fuels. Liquid Mineral Groups LTD. has the solution and is ready to help cut costs and increase performance of your maritime fleet. Our additives combine a pairing of synergistic active components that will simultaneously work to add lubricity value to the engine components that matter most and work to reduce the sulfur emissions.