Acid Scavenging

Liquid Minerals Group LTD. has formulated our oil soluble magnesium additives to achieve the highest reserve alkalinity levels possible.

Our magnesium carboxylate has a total base number (TBN) more than 1500 mg KOH/g in an oil soluble form. This allows the reserve alkalinity of the additive to be utilized in many petroleum-based formulations such as lubricants and greases and to neutralize acids formed during combustion without the worry of forming hard deposits.




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Please contact us for more information.


Vanadium Corrosion and SO3 Inhibitor Additive

LMG-30B® corrosion inhibitor is a boiler/furnace quality, oil-soluble, organo-magnesium fuel additive for vanadium inhibition in crude oil and residual grade fuel oils. It is particularly recommended to combat high-temperature vanadium corrosion in industrial boilers and furnaces designed to operate on heavy fuels.

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